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If you feel you have been a victim of mortgage fraud or negligence by your lender and lost your home between September 2008 and December 2011, contact our experienced wrongful foreclosure attorney immediately.

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  • Home Foreclosed Without Payments In Default
  • Loan Assistance Was Denied In Error
  • Mistakes Were Made During Loan Modification
  • Military Member
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Part of the unfortunate fallout from the housing and banking crisis that is ongoing in America since 2008 is the practice of mortgage fraud and/or wrongful foreclosure on potentially millions of homeowners.

Some of the situations covered by the federal compensation plan are foreclosure on a homeowner who was not in payment default, denying loan assistance to borrowers in error, mistakes made on loan modifications and wrongfully foreclosing on a member of the military who are protected from foreclosure by federal law.

There are potentially over 4 million homeowners who could fall under the new rules, and you could be entitled to compensation of up to $125,000 from the bank that foreclosed wrongfully on you.

It is expected that, for the larger monetary awards, plaintiffs will face a substantial burden of proof. The longer you delay, the more difficult it becomes for your attorney to compile the necessary documents to prove your case fully.

Despite the new rules, it is estimated that only 194,000 borrowers sent letters last year to request a review of their foreclosure. Chances are many others will come forward once they become aware of the rules and their need to file a claim. Your attorney can help to make sense of the federal regulations, file all the necessary paperwork and speed the process along to get you a settlement as rapidly as possible.

Do not think that you cannot win because you are taking on the enormous corporate banks. The experienced foreclosure attorneys with McDonaldWorley P.C. are well versed and can help you fight the banks that wrongly took your home. We fight for you to get the legal justice you deserve.

If there is any question in your mind that you were the victim of mortgage fraud and/or harmful negligence, contact us now, with no obligation, for a review of your case.

If you feel you were wrongly foreclosed or lost your home due to error or fraud, contact our legal team today and let us fight for you. You may be entitled to significant compensation and we can help you fight for the justice you deserve..

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