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Texas Flooding Claims:
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Flood Insurance Law & Compensation Claims

If you feel the insurance company is:

  • Mishandling Your Claim
  • Underpaying Your Claim
  • Taking Too Long To Pay
  • Disputing the Facts or Damage of Your Claim
  • Treating You Unfairly

Texas Flood Claim Information Hotline Established:
Toll Free: 1-800-397-4046

Devastating Flood Damage Across Texas
Houston, San Marcos, Wimberly, Austin Left Reeling

The latest Texas flooding has finally subsided, leaving us to pick up the pieces and rebuild. As a local flood insurance attorney we experienced first hand the destruction and impact on our community.

If you suffered serious damages from the flooding, let us help ensure your insurer takes your flood damage claims seriously, responds quickly and pays you the maximum compensation you may be due to replace your property to pre-storm conditions.

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You fought to protect your property as the flood waters rose, now the real battle begins: fighting the insurance companies for fair flood damage claim settlements for individuals, families and business owners across Texas.

If you don't feel that you have been paid fairly for your claim, or the insurance company is not responding in a matter befitting its obligation, we can help guarantee the insurance companies take your claims seriously.

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Maximum Insurance Damage Compensation?

Thousands of members of our community are right now filing damage claims with their flood insurers following the devastation of the recent Texas floods. Your claim IS in danger of being delayed by the insurance companies, underpaid, ignored, mishandled or adjusted unfairly. With such widespread flood damage, the insurers will be scrambling to minimize the settlement impact where they can.

It is an unfortunate fact that following large scale disasters insurer claim handling tactics can leave you feeling your needs are being ignored, the flood insurers are overwhelmed, don't let it cost you the maximum just compensation for damages you may deserve.

Don't wait until you receive the dreaded flood insurance denial, or a damage settlement far under your true costs to remediate and repair, leaving you feeling cheated. Our flood insurance claim team can help ensure you are made whole, that you aren't bullied by giant insurance companies looking after their bottom line.

Your insurance policy was there to protect you in the event of a disaster, we help make sure your insurer fulfills their responsibilities to you. As a local Texas law firm with offices in Houston, we have a personal obligation to help ensure our affected communities are rebuilt, our businesses made whole, and our proud State brought to full recovery.

My Home Flooded, Now What Do I Do?

If your home or business was flooded, make sure your property is safe before you return. Be sure to turn off your gas and electricity, and then if the structure is deemed safe and sound you can safely begin moving removing your property and beginning the cleaning process. Don't forget flood waters should be considered unsanitary, can include sewage and take adequate precautions for your health. Consider any absorbent materials which were exposed to water as contaminated.

To Document Your Flooding Caused Damages:

It's Very Important To Immediately Document The Damage: Create a list of any and all damage you find when cleaning. Record a video to document all visible flooding damage, flood waters, and structural damage or take pictures to document, you will be asked to provide a proof of loss package to your insurance company later including this evidence.

The NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Requires:
* Proof of Loss and evidence to be submitted within 240 days for the most recent Texas storm caused flood.

You insurance company adjuster will visit your home and then provide you with a payout estimate.

Very Important: Do not sign your insurer provided Proof of Loss document provided by your insurer. The payment estimate may not be the maximum compensation you deserve for repairs and replacement of your property as dicated by your flood policy.

As a flooding insurance lawyer, we help ensure the insurance company is paying what you really deserve to make you whole.

Documenting Your Insurer Interactions:

Working With Your Flood Insurance Company: From the first call to your flood insurer to each additional interaction, document the date, time, the representative you spoke with and the matters discussed.

It is important to keep a detailed timeline of all contact with your insurance adjuster, water damage investigators, or any other representative of your insurer you contact.

Flood water can cause extensive damage to visible property and require remediation and extensive cleaning of contaminated areas affected by the moisture.

To repeat, it is very important you do not initially sign any proof of loss document provided by your insurer. There may be additional damage or repairs required not listed, and it is your right to disagree with the amount of damages and payout deserved.

Before you sign: You will want to obtain independent contractor assessments for full remediation and repair / replacement of your damaged property.

Our attorneys are on standby to help you... but you should act now before it's too late...

The insurance companies aren't necessarily out to get you, BUT.. following the widespread damage caused by the Texas Storms, reported by CNN, they will be overwhelmed. Thousands of claims will be filed, we make sure your claim doesn't fall through the cracks. As a local Texas law firm with offices in Houston, we have vowed no valid claims will be swept under the table by insurers until our community is made whole again. We fight to ensure that you are paid fairly for your property loss and that your legal rights are not ignored.

Additional Resources For Texas Flood Victims:

If you feel your claim, adjustment or damage assessment is unfair, you feel that your insurer is not treating you with the respect you deserve, or simply would prefer we save you the frustrations of sitting on hold with your insurer, contact us to discuss how we can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve and the fair treatment that is your due.

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