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Disability Denied by Social Security? Don't Take No For An Answer

Did You Receive a Social Security Disability Denial:
You Earned It Don't Let Them Ignore Your Just Claim

Disability Insurance Benefits are meant for qualified individuals who have been injured or are no longer capable of working. Your disability claim may have been denied, when you know you should be eligible.

A social security denial attorney to help with your appeal and claim what is justly yours. Our benefits denial law firm can help you with the process of filing for benefits for the first time, or help you fight to claim whats yours and help make the complex process a simple one.

You may need help filing your claim but were told by other lawyers that they can not be of assistance until the claims are denied. You may be afraid of being turned away since you do not have the money to pay for expensive legal help. Look no further because we can help - learn your legal options today!

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Did You Receive a Social Security Denial Letter?

If you have filed your disability claim but were denied, or if you are having trouble filing for the first time with Social Security, you should not be alone in this battle. Our law firm is standing-by ready to fight on your behalf to appeal your claim and it approved. We have been involved and can help with all parts of the SSD claims procedure. We bring our extensive legal experience to get justice for the disabled who are entitled to compensation.

Our law firm works extensively with Social Security Disability law. We have helped countless clients throughout the country and can ensure your case is taken seriously and that you get a swift response under the law.

The Right Lawyer Can Mean The Difference Between a Successful Benefits Claim And One That Fails

Appeals for Social Security Benefits occur after the initial social security denial notice and after denied reconsideration. The next step in the process is appearing in front of a Federal Social Security Disability Judge for a hearing to review the details of your case.

Our extensive trial experience is used to fight on your behalf in these hearings. We make sure that your needs are not ignored, lost in the system and forgotten.


Your time inside a courtroom will be essential to the success of your appeal, make sure you have the best on your team.


What To Expect In Your Hearing

The appeal hearing usually take place at an office or another place that is properly designated. Those present include yourself, the judge, your lawyer, and vocational expert. All judges will have a personal format that they follow in a hearing. Certain judges will ask all of the questions, while others make the lawyers ask all of the questions.

In many cases, a judge will not make a disability claim decision at the same time of the date of the hearing. Normally the judge will take time to properly review their notes before granting a final decision. This decision will be placed into a written document and signed accordingly. There is no set time frame as to when a decision must be made. Every case is unique and has its own demands for successful resolution.

Cut Through The Confusion

claim denialsIt can be quite time consuming to establish the validity of a person's SSD eligibility since the guidelines are confusing. SSA forms may be incomplete or misleading. It is vital that the medical professional that is involved with the case is supportive throughout the entire process and gives the necessary documentation that will help to provide the claim for SSDI benefits.

At the same, the slightest mistake can mean disaster for your claim. Don't risk your benefits, you deserve to be paid fairly, your social security denial attorney will ensure everything is as it should be for approval.

The Veteran's & Social Security benefits process is complicated and confusing, (some allege purposely so), we simplify the process, fighting on your behalf. We ensure you meet all filing deadlines, and the expectations of the court are met in order to have a winning case.


Let us help you with your disability claims. The SS Administration owes you compensation if you meet the disabled requirements outlined in the law. We stand with you throughout the stages of the filing process and continue providing the expert help you need until your claim has been accepted. If your claim has already initially been denied, we fight on your behalf to get what you are owed. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you!

Our law firm works on a contingency free basis, we require no up front money, and charges no hourly fees, instead our compensation is determined by our results.

Contact us to get a free no obligation legal review of your case today: Get your legal options, peace of mind, and ensure your needs are not ignored.

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