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Update: J&J Settles Lawsuit Alleging Abnormal Development of Gynecomastia Caused by Risperdal

Taking Risperdal may lead to the development of abnormally sized mammary glands in males, and you may not have been properly warned prior to use of the popular anti-psychotic medication. A number of Risperdal lawsuits have been filed seeking recovery for sufferers.

If you suffered abnormal breast growth and took the medication Risperdal, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your suffering. If you suffered psychological trauma as a result or elected to have surgery to remove the abnormal mammary glands, you should share the details of your case with our gynecomastia lawyer immediately.

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Gynecomastia litigation claims are increasing in numbers following a confidential settlement with manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. According to a recent Forbes report, attorneys allege J&J downplayed the risk of adverse events resulting from increased prolactin levels resulting from taking the risperidone.

The lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson has raised many safety concerns about the medication.

The increase in prolactin among users of the medication is believed to stimulate the breast development to abnormal levels and young boys are more susceptible to increases.

Additionally, a citizen's petition has been filed with the FDA to revoke approval of Risperdal, its generic alternative, and the Invega line of anti-psychotics until safety information is updated or the long term safety is established (Forbes Report).

Risperdal Lawsuit Options If You Have Suffered

If you or your children have experienced abnormal side effects after having taken the above medications, you may be able to sue and pursue your legal options as you may not have been adequately warned of the risks prior to use.

If you elected to have surgery to remove the abnormal breast growth, or suffered psychologically as a result of the side effects, you should contact our attorneys immediately.

Your consultation is 100% confidential, and you will get your legal options from a top U.S. personal injury attorney who understands the sensitive nature and impact gynecomastia can have. Share what happened today, find out if you have a valid claim that can stand up in court.

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