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Harmful Sexual Side Effects of Taking Propecia

The male pattern baldness medication Propecia has been shown to cause long-term erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. If you have experienced erectile dysfunction or loss of libido while taking the hair loss drug, contact our experienced Propecia lawyer now as you may be entitled to significant compensation. If you have suffered:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Libido
  • Testicular Pain
  • Impotence

The warning labels for the popular hair losss medication may not have adequately warned users of the long term sexual side effects that have been linked to taking Propecia.

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Can I Sue for Sexual Side Effects Experienced?

Propecia, released by the pharmaceutical company Merck, was released in 1997 and approved by the FDA for men seeking to reduce male pattern baldness. At the time, 42% of those who volunteered for the clinical trials experienced a reduction of hair loss while 48% showed new hair growth.

Though effective at reducing hair loss, Propecia is linked to a number of significant sexual side effects.

In 2006, Sweden's Medical Product Agency determined in a safety study that the drug could impair normal erectile function and sex drive on a long term basis, rather than on a short term basis that Merck had claimed. In 2009 a study by the UK's Medical Products

Regulatory Agency determined that Propecia (finasteride) can result in "persistence of erectile dysfunction even after discontinuation of treatmenet."

Additionally, the US National Institutes for Health lists erectile problems, decreased sexual desire and testicular pain as side effects you are likely to experience when taking Propecia. The US National Library of Medicine goes on to list the drug as possibly causing impotence.

A class action lawsuit was filed March 18, 2011 against Merck & Co. Inc. If you have suffered from sexual side effects, impaired libido or other side effects were suffered and have taken Propecia, contact our experienced Propecia attorneys now for a confidential consultation.

It is important to act quickly when filing a Propecia side effects lawsuit as regulations limit the amount of time suffers of Propecia side effects have to report a claim and pursue your legal rights. Contact us.


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