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Unpaid Employee Overtime Lawsuits

In most cases as a U.S. employee you are entitled to overtime pay resulting from working hours in excess of 40 hours per week, mandated by Federal law, and state laws. If you find yourself having worked more than 40 hours for your employer in a work week and are being denied earning the additional pay for the time worked then you should talk with our qualified unpaid overtime lawyer today .

There are a number of special rules and exemptions to the requirements for employers to provide overtime pay, and unfortunately there are all too many employers who take advantage of their workforce paying less than what is required by law.

If you suspect your employer has not met his federally required responsibilities with your overtime pay, contact our experienced work injury lawyers for help with your legal rights. :

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Are You Due More Pay for Your Work?

In most cases an unpaid overtime lawyer can help because your employer is required to:

  • Pay a minimum of one and a half times your regular pay rate
  • Keep detailed time records for hours worked

You may be owed a significant amount of compensation for hours worked that were not adequately compensated and our attorneys can help you calculate overtime pay obligations that you were not paid for. In some cases your employer could have made an honest mistake resulting from poor record keeping or inaccurate time records, but you still deserve the pay you deserve and our law firm can help you recover what is due.

The Fair Labor and Standards Act outlines the employer obligations owed relating to overtime pay, also known as the FLSA. The FLSA dictates the requirement for employers to pay overtime for over 40 hours per week as well as a required minimum wage of $7.25, though employees who receive tips and young works are sometimes exempt from the minimum wage requirement.

The Fair labor and Standards Act requires extra pay based on hours in excess of 40 per week, but does not require employers to provide additional employee pay for working weekends or holidays, leaving that up to the discretion of the employer.

Exempt Overtime Employees - There are a number of exemptions that a qualified overtime attorney will be able to help you determine. If you feel you should be getting paid overtime wages contact us today to determine if you qualify to file an overtime claim for wages owed.

Filing an Overtime Claim - A qualified overtime pay lawyer will help making filing a claim for owed wages a simple process. In most cases overtime lawsuits are won because an employer failed to keep wage and hour records as required for their employees. WIthout the wage and hour documentation, your employer will have a difficult time disputing your claim.

In the case your employer failed to pay overtime wages to you, you may be due to receive damages equal to the lost wages and an equivalent amount in pre-judgement interest and liquidated damages.

It is important to act quickly when filing an overtime lawsuit with an experienced overtime lawyer as regulations limit the amount of time employees have to report a claim and pursue their legal rights.


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