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You Might Be Entitled To Compensation For Your Offshore Accident Injuries

Maritime Accident Injury

If you work offshore and have been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. If you have been hurt, you should speak to a offshore injury lawyer at MCDONALD WORLEY immediately before you accept any compensation from an insurance company or employer or sign a release with ANYONE. If a loved one has been killed in an offshore accident, you may be able to recover compensation for their estate and for yourself with a wrongful death claim.

Insurance Companies and businesses want to pay you as little as possible or even nothing for your injuries. You need an attorney that will fight for you. Contact a maritime attorney at MCDONALD WORLEY, PC by clicking the link on this page to contact the firm by email or call the office in Houston at 713-523-5500.

Federal maritime law applies to injuries which occur offshore. This will apply to anyone who works offshore, such seaman, longshoremen and those oil and gas workers who work on offshore platforms. Some injuries occur immediately such as an explosion or other accident. Some injuries, such as exposure to toxic substances while working offshore, will not show up until years later.

Jones Act

The Jones Act is the federal law applies to a seaman who is injured offshore. A seaman is a member of the crew of a vessel or someone who assigned to a vessel or a fleet of vessels such as tankers, freighters, tugs, supply and crew boats, barges, and fishing vessels.

In order to recover under the Jones Act, a seaman must prove that the vessel's owner, operator, officers or other employees were negligent or that the vessel was unseaworthy.

If you or a loved was injured or killed, you need a maritime attorney at MCDONALD WORLEY to help recover under the Jones Act.

Longshoremen / 3rd Party Claims

The Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act provides for the payment of certain benefits for disability or death of an employee if the disability or death results from an injury occurring upon the navigable waters of the United States. An adjoining pier, wharf, dry dock, terminal, building way, marine railway or other adjoining area customarily used by an employer in loading, unloading, repairing or building a vessel are also considered "navigable waters" under the statute.

If you or someone who love has been disabled or has died as a result of an accident covered by this Act, you need a maritime attorney at MCDONALD WORLEY to help you recover any compensation due to you.

Injuries on Rigs and Platforms

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) is the federal statute that provides for compensation for death or injuries "occurring as the result of operations conducted on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) for the purpose of exploring for, developing, removing, or transporting by pipeline the natural resources, or involving rights to the natural resources, of the subsoil and seabed of the OCS." This includes artificial islands and fixed structures upon the OCS, i.e., fixed oil drilling platforms. Injuries occurring on fixed oil platforms within state territorial waters are generally governed by state law.

If you or a loved one has been injured while working on a rig or platform, you need a maritime attorney with MCDONALD WORLEY to help recover any compensation due to you.

Contact us now at MCDONALD WORLEY by clicking the link below or by calling the office in Houston at 713-705-7204. The initial consultation is free and you won't have to pay any attorney fees unless we recover funds for you.

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