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A class action settlement reached with the NFL offers financial recovery up to $5 million dollars for:

Retired NFL players affected by brain injury...

Family Members of former NFL players who incurred brain injuries...

In order to submit a claim for this settlement program and determine if you qualify, please download the form and return provide it to our law office by the effective date.

No awards have been issued yet, money to be made available after the effective date of the settlement - act now before it's too late.


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Former NFL Players affected by neurocognitive injuries and their family members can now register claims towards a settlement fund rewarding up to $5 million each to severely injured former NFL players. Federal District Court Judge Anita Brody has recently approved the settlement following a 3 judge panel affirming approval in the Third Circuit court. The concussion lawsuit was brought forth by 5,000 ex-NFL players who took legal action after alleging serious neurocognitive injuries and concussion side effects suffered during their careers.

All players who retired before July 7, 2014 and family members of players who died before July 7, 2014 may qualify.

Read more about our work as a nationally recognized traumatic brain injury lawyer.

NFL players who qualify will be assessed for financial compensation based upon upon playing time, age and the severity of concussion-related brain damage and side effects. You will be asked to fill out our neurological intake form available above, for our law firm to determine your eligibility and ensure your claim seeks maximum entitled compensation. Our NFL concussion lawyers will work with you and your family to maximize your financial awards and ensure all paperwork is filed properly for registration - to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity...

$1 Billion Concussion Settlement Upheld (ESPN).

If you experience worsening symptoms of neurological damage caused by head trauma the NFL concussion settlement allows players to appeal their initial claim. Thousands of N.F.L. players suffering from neurocognitive injuries are expected to come forward with claims against the $1 billion settlement fund. No award will be paid out until all appeals have been exhausted. However, all qualified players need to register now to protect themselves, their families and their future financial health.

Our law firm will ensure you receive the required baseline neurological tests required to support your compensation claim and meet eligibility requirements. It is VERY IMPORTANT you retain counsel with the lawyers of McDonald Worley right away, so we can begin the process to ensure you don't miss out on the window to make register your claim.




For more information about the reasons for the settlement and eligibility for class membership, reach out to our law office with your questions and I'll answer them personally.

We represent retired NFL players with their concussion claims: ensuring all paperwork is submitted by required deadlines, seeing that all doctors tests and neurological testing required for compensation is completed and pursue the maximum NFL settlement award entitled - on a contingency basis. Meaning there are no up-front costs, no fees unless you win compensation.

To take the first step towards registering for the NFL concussion settlement - please download the neurological intake form above and fill it out as best you can, and return email it to our office right away.


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