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In virtually every motorcycle accident, the insurance company will do their best to avoid paying the injured person. If you or a loved one has been injured riding a motorcycle, it is critical to retain an experienced attorney who can deal with insurance companies and juries who sometimes have a negative view of bikers and those people who choose to ride them.

The lead auto accident attorney at MCDONALD WORLEY is a well recognized and award-winning in litigating injury cases (having one millions for clients nationally to date). Time and again clients have expressed gratitude that their case was handled by a firm with years of experience dealing with the unique issues arising in injury cases -- it makes a difference. Motorcycle injury law involves unique issues not necessarily involved in automobile accidents.

Too often, drivers of large trucks or automobiles do not look carefully for motorcycle riders and fail to yield right of way which cause grave injuries or even death to a rider.

Attorney Donald S. Worley at MCDONALD WORLEY was personally involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle - and as a biker lawyer understands what your needs are.

The driver of an automobile never saw him on the motorcycle and failed to yield right of way (turned left in front of him with no time to react), causing a minor accident. Fortunately, Mr. Worley's injuries were not serious.

But he knows what it is like to feel helpless when a negligent driver of another vehicle causes an accident and hurts a biker.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the car accident attorneys at MCDONALD WORLEY and ensure that your case will be handled by someone who cares about YOU and is familiar with the many unique issues that can arise in a motorcycle injury case.

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