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Morcellation Cancer Lawsuit?

The unintended side effects of using a power morcellator during your surgical procedure may have resulted in:

  • Cancer growth, particularly metastatic leiomyosarcoma
  • Abnormal tissue growth or tumors
  • Direct harm to healthy tissues

If your cancer has spread following the use of a power morcellator and feel it was the cause, share the details of your case with our experienced surgical product lawsuit attorneys.

You may be entitled to significant compesation for your suffering, money that can help with your medical costs and the financial burdens caused by a dangerous medical device.

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning to Doctors April, 2004 regarding the use of power morcellators and the potential for harmful side effects of use. Since the safety alert, Johnson & Johnson (manufacturer) has issued a recall of the device, despite the product not officially having been banned by the FDA at this time. For the victims whose cancer may have been spread further due to its use than would otherwise have occurred, it is already too late.

Originally used to remove fibroids and noncancerous growthers during a hysterectomy or myomectomy, the power morcellator device was in commonly used during surgical treatments. Following a study correlating a significant link between use of the devices and cancer growth, Johnson & Johnson has recalled three of their products---the Gynecare Morcellex, Gynecare X-Tract, and Morcellex Sigma.


laproscopic power morcellators dangerous
  • Cancer growth - being able to get around on their own
  • Metastatic leiomyosarcoma- feeling unsteady on their feet
  • Abnormal tissue growth - a feeling of being "all thumbs" or not being able to do multiple things at once like past
  • Tumors - needle work can become clumsy, or even tying bows on your shoes can be difficult
  • Tissue Damage - no longer able to move the chair to vacuum or lift stacks of paperwork or books

The unintended consequences of a laparoscopic power morcellator being used during your procedure may entitle you to significant compensation for the harm you suffered. While our attorneys cannot turn back the clock, we will fight to secure you maximum compensation the law provides. Compensation that can help ensure you get the medical treatment you deserve, and the peace of mind in knowing your needs will not be ignored. If a power morcellator was used in your procedure, share the details of your case today, or call us today at (800) 610-2001 to learn what we can accomplish for you.

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The road to recovery can be a long and hard fight, taking a large toll on the sufferer as well as family and friends. Our attorneys will fight your morcellation cancer lawsuit on your behalf to get the justice you deserve, and the maximum compensation you may be entitled to, giving you the freedom to focus on recovery.

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