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Warning: Severe IUD Complications - FDA:
"Very Common Adverse Risks, Bleeding, Cysts, Pain"

If you have had a Mirena IUD implanted and suffered perforations or injuries related to the device it is vital you contact us immediately, as you may not have been adequately warned of serious risks being reported, we have experienced female medical device attorneys standing-by to answer your lawsuit questions.

Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) implanted in the uterus have been associated with serious complications claims and may be harmful to women. It has been linked to very serious side effects: pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), tissue perforations, ovarian cysts, irregular bleeding, pregnancy loss and eptopic risks.

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Women fitted with the Mirena device may not have been fully informed about the possible dangers and complications associated with its use.

We understand the sensitive nature of symptoms associated with the reported injuries and are available for you to get a free and confidential case review.

If you have suffered as a result of an IUD, don't let your needs be ignored.

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Mirena Lawsuit Information

One of the most serious complications discovered is a possibility of organ perforations resulting from the implantation of the device. Additional IUD device risks may include moving from the position in which it was originally inserted and can cause perforations to the uterine wall, the bladder, and the intestines. It is also believed that it can migrate through the uterine wall and into the pelvic area, causing scarring, adhesions and abdominal pain.

Women who have experienced adverse complications or side effects after insertion may be able to claim damages from the manufacturer (Bayer Pharmaceuticals - See Also Yaz Contraceptive Litigation). If you or any of your friends and family have suffered, our personal injury law firm is standing by to help, contact our law offices today to get your free legal review of your case. You may be entitled to compensation that can help with medical bills and monetary compensation for pain and suffering you have experienced resulting from the Mirena device.


IUD Risks of Perforated Organs

It is estimated that 0.2 percent of women fitted with the Mirena device have reported uterine perforation. When it penetrates the uterine wall, the device can travel inside the pelvic area resulting in severe abdominal pain or more serious problems. It has the potential to puncture the intestines or the bladder, which can lead to very serious health problems, pain and suffering.

Uterine perforations include:

Once a Mirena device has perforated the uterus or has embedded itself in other tissue or organs in the abdominal cavity it will need to be surgically removed. In addition to the damage caused to other internal organs, it can possibly lead to a complete hysterectomy being performed.

  • Infections of pelvic organs
  • Obstructions in the intestines
  • Permanent damage to pelvic organs
  • Internal scarring and adhesions

Were Mirena IUD Risks Hidden From Patients?

Our law firm believes that the manufacturer of Mirena may have provided misleading information to many women who chose it over other forms of birth control. This belief stems from an FDA letter that was sent to Bayer in December 2009, in which Bayer was warned regarding its "Mirena Parties", a direct marketing campaign created by Bayer. This campaign had nurse practitioners and representatives of the social networking site Mom Central having meetings in private homes in which they would follow a script that included such language as "simple ways to reconnect with ourselves and our partners," "more likely to be more intimate," and "look and feel great."

The warning letter from the FDA alleged the language in the script used overstates the proven efficacy of the Mirena implants. It goes on the claim the script also omits information about the potential negative side effects of Mirena or minimized the impact of such side effects with such statements as users of the device will "look and feel great," which is not supported by any research or clinical studies.

Even though these direct marketing parties were ended in early 2009, women who chose to use Mirena may not have been fully warned about the potentially serious risks. Besides the previously mentioned complications, from embedment and organ perforation, Mirena has been linked to lawsuit claims of miscarriage, infertility, peritonitis, ectopic pregnancy, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Mirena Litigation: We Can Help You

There are already several lawsuits in process which seek reimbursement for medical costs and other losses suffered as a result of being implanted with the birth control device. If you or a loved one has suffered complications resulting from the implant, it is vital you contact our Mirena IUD lawyer immediately, as the time you have to file a claim is limited.

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