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Statute of limitations limits the time allowed you to file a claim. Act Now, and find out if you have a case.

Oil Spill Impact Claims Hotline Established:
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BP Agrees To $4.5 Billion In Oil Spill Penalties
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If you, your business, or a loved one suffered in connection with the BP Oil spill you may have legal recourse and may be entitled to compensation.

We can help you file your claim, and ensure you receive fair treatment and receive just compensation for your loss. BUT... You must act now, as the statute of limitations limits the time with which you have to file.

If you feel the oil spill resulted in you, your business or a loved one suffering:

  • Economic loss
  • Property damage
  • Business loss

Then you may be entitled to compensation from the damage settlement fund. Share they details of your situation using the form to the right to find out if you have a case and learn how we can help you.

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Financial Loss Claims & Spill Impact

The BP disaster of AApril 20, 2010 had far ranging harmful effects to the economy and property of the gulf coast communities affected. BP has agreed to pay $4.5 billion in penalties for the damage caused, but your time to file a claim and receive just compensation is limited. You must act now to ensure you receive fair consideration for the damage and economic loss you suffered as a result of the disaster.

Businesses in a number of industries were impacted by the disaster, suffering not only physical damage from the spill but additional economic loss following the cleanup efforts, shutdown of beaches and impact on tourism in the region.

A business that suffered a drop or loss of revenue during this period may be entitled to compensation from the settlement funds. Convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and taverns suffered with the loss of tourism traffic.

Additionally, construction industry related business including road builders, contractors, housing construction, materials and various trades have been included in the settlement.

Find out if you have a claim today, get a free legal evaluation and let us help ensure you get the settlement you are entitled

Our attorneys are on standby to help you... but you should act now before it's too late...

It is vital that you take advantage of this special offer for a free legal claims evaluation from our BP attorneys standing by to help you. The statute of limitations deadline is nearing and you may miss out on your opportunity to get your entitled portion of the $4.5 billion BP settlement.

Whether you own a business or were personally effected, share the details of your case today. Additionally if you feel that your claim, settlement or damage assessment is unfair, or that you are not being treated with the respect you deserve, contact us immediately to ensure you get the compensation and treatment you deserve.

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