Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuits: What Side Effects are Claimed?

xarelto bleeding lawsuits side effects and risk claims being sued

The attorneys are circling Janssen Pharmaceuticals (division of Johnson & Johnson) and Bayer A.G., widely known as the makers of aspirin over patient claims of side effects and serious health complications resulting from their Xarelto blood thinner medication.  With lawsuit claims already filed and the recent announcement of the Xarelto MDL consolidation, the alleged side effects and off-label marketing claims will get a much closer look.

So what side effects are being alleged in the lawsuit?

Court documents reveal the most serious risk with alleged links to taking Xarelto is the risk for fatal hemorrhaging.  You can latest news and Xarelto litigation updates here.  Unlike alternative blood thinning medications, Xarelto has no antidote to stop catastrophic bleed events.

An example of what this means, patients taking Xarelto who receive a minor unrelated injury, may find they have no way of stopping the bleeding.  A simple wound, bump or household accident could potentially create a fatal situation in which the bleeding cannot be stopped.  If you experienced unreported health side effects you believe related to Xarelto use, you can report them to the FDA here.

Isn’t this what a blood thinner does?

Essentially, Xarelto acts to prevent the production of Vitamin K, unlike alternatives which only switch off the blood clotting processes Vitamin K is responsible for.  For this reason, unlike alternative medications, bleeding cannot be stopped with high dosages of Vitamin K as can the alternatives.  You learn more about how Xarelto compares to the alternatives including Warfarin here from via rxlist.

What other non-life threatening side effects are alleged to result from taking Xarelto?

A number of serious side effects have been reported though not necessary fatal.  Patients have reported racing heartbeats, experiencing irregular heartbeats, palpatations and other cardiac irregularities.

Additionally, patients may experience sudden changes in blood pressure, or symptoms of blood pressure swings such as dizziness or faintness.  For a complete list of Xarelto’s see Drugs.com’s reported side effects.  In such cases it is important the person receive medical attention as soon as possible.

Additionally, less severe symptoms can be experienced ranging from skin tingling, itching or burning sensations, numbness and pains.  Headaches and dizziness as well as bladder and gastrointestinal problems, as well as swallowing problems can be experienced.

A general feeling of weakness, muscle spasms and limb tingling may also potentially be experienced by patients.

Who qualifies to file a lawsuit if health problems were experienced?

Residents of the U.S. who have suffered uncontrollable bleeding, severe side effects, permanent injuries or the loved ones of someone who died while taking Xarelto should speak with an attorney immediately to go over the specifics of their case and determine if you can file a claim against the manufacturers of Xarelto.

Litigation is currently pending nationwide claiming the company may have known about the potential side effects, knew there was no treatment to stop catastrophic bleeding events and failed to inform doctors, patients, regulators and the public at large.


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