Why Pradaxa Settlement Matters To Current Xarelto Lawsuit?

pradaxa settlement and xarelto lawsuit similarities

Boehringer Ingelheim (manufacturer of the blood thinner Pradaxa) reached a MDL settlement with over 4,000 people who filed claims regarding serious bleeding issues after using the drug.  The nationwide Xarelto lawsuits recently consolidated into an MDL similar to shares a number of similarities with the previous litigation which we’ll explain below.

Families of those who died and living patients who allegedly suffered serious side effects resulting from Pradaxa use filed for compensation for which the settlement was reached prior to the case going to court before U.S. District Court Judge David Herndon.

Boehringer Ingelheim announced a payment of $650 million to settle all 4,000 Pradaxa lawsuits.  The settlement compensation comes out to approximately $162,500 per claimant who filed by rough calculation.

In agreeing to the settlement Boehringer Ingelheim denied any wrongdoing.

How is the Pradaxa settlement related to Xarelto lawsuits?

xarelto tablet bottleFast forward from the pradaxa settlement announcement to now.  The latest blood thinning medication in legal hot water happens to be Xarelto.  Pending Xarelto litigation across the nation was recently consolidated into a MDL in New Orleans and claimants are expected to come forth in increasing numbers who allege to have suffered serious health problems from its use.

“What was surprising is that the company had a lot of internal information that was not disclosed to the medical community and the patients.”Roger Denton lead plaintiff attorney

Every case is unique, and past results in no way, shape, or form indicate present results–but there are some striking similarities between the Pradaxa lawsuit and Xarelto lawsuits which bare considering.  Claims derived from court documents reveal similar side effects being alleged, which is to be expected due to the similarity of the blood thinners use and purpose.

People injured by Pradaxa claim Boehringer Ingelheim, did not adequately label the drug disclosing adequate warnings for the potential risk.

Court documents reveal the claims included the manufacturer marketed Pradaxa as a safer alternative to Warfarin whereas studies existed showing bleeding events were of a similar or even higher risk for Pradaxa than Warfarin.

Additionally similar to Xarelto claims, there is no antidote treatment for excessive bleeding events occurring in patients using Pradaxa as opposed to Warfarin.

Additional claims were made regarding the marketing practices used with Pradaxa, as well as a failure to adequately warn / disclose information regarding the risks argument.  You can get up to date information on the Xarelto lawsuit here to see how eerily similar the case being made against the manufacturer’s is to the Pradaxa case.

The fact that Boehringer Ingelheim chose to settle the Pradaxa claims pre-trial may or may not foreshadow what to expect from the Xarelto litigation.

In the case of the Xarelto lawsuits pending, it remains to be seen if the manufacturer’s will choose to go to trial or settle, yet if Pradaxa is taken as a bellwether indicator, Xarelto may never make it to trial at all.

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