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Avandia Lawsuit Information for Heart & Cardiovascular Complications

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"Life-Threatening Heart Attack Risks" for
Users Taking Avandia

The diabetes medication Avandia has been associated with many potentially deadly side effects including bone fractures and heart attacks. The drug has been shown to put people at risk of suffering severe heart failure and other serious cardiovascular issues, and a number of Avandia lawyers are investigating further claims nationwide.

If you have been taking Avandia we urge you to contact our experienced defective drug lawyer immediately to learn your legal options.

The health risks that are currently known to be associated with taking Avandia include:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Bone Fractures
  • Congestive Heart Failure Damage
  • Stroke
  • Dangerous Liver Toxicity
  • Severe Allergic Reactions

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Did Taking Avandia Cause My Heart Attack?

An Avandia diabetes lawsuit has been initiated in order to represent those that have suffered some of the dangerous side effects associated with taking the medication. If you have experienced any of the mentioned indicators while taking the medication it is vital that you talk with our experienced Avandia lawyer as you could be entitled to compensation and help with the medical implications that you face.

Avandia was introduced as a diabetes drug because it makes the body of the taker less resistent to insulin. The medication was not intended for use by Type 1 diabetes patience but rather to treat Type II diabetes sufferers. Taking the medication causes the patient to become more insulin sensitive, serving to allow patients to harness more of the naturally produced insulin being created in order to help maintain control over the blood glucose levels.

Studies have now determined that Avandia puts the take at a strong risk for disability and even death. It can cause circulatory, restricted blood flow problems and reduce the heart's ability to circulate and pump blood as a normal system would. These side effects then lead to an increased risk for heart failure and stroke as well as a number of related side effects associated with abnormal blood flow. In addition, patients who take Avandia have irregular and dangerous fluctuations in their blood glucose level causing further diabetes related consequences.

A number of Avandia class action lawsuit filings have been made in effort to compensate sufferers or family members who may have been affected by any of the following health problems or were at risk of death, stroke and or related complications:

The side effect indicators are:

  • Bone fracturing, typically in hands, feet, legs or arms
  • Any damage related to congestive heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Liver toxicity damage
  • Death
  • Allergic Reactions.

If you have taken Avandia nad have experienced being drowsy, lethargic and or have lost consciousness, or conversely if you have gone into shock, it is vital that you seek counsel with a qualified Avandia lawyer immediately to help you determine your options.

If you were prescribed the diabetes drug and experienced any of the side effects mentioned contact our Avandia law firm immediately to discuss the details of your case as you may have settlement compensation waiting for you to claim which can help with the medical costs or related treatment expenses.

If you have suffered broken bones while taking Avandia medication, a law suit could entitle you to considerable amounts of compensation from the drug company for pain and suffering endured. These funds can help with your health related expenses.

Our experienced defective drug lawyer will help represent you and ensure you know your rights and what legal options are available to you. If you have suffered bone fracturing or bone breaking or a heart issue, share what happened happened with us now. You are under no obligation, and it costs you nothing. If you qualify and you do choose to file an Avandia lawsuit, you pay nothing unless we win.

It is important to act quickly to claim your legal rights as regulations limit the amount of time affected parties have to report a claim and pursue their lawsuit claim against the drug.


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