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Warning: Advair May Increase Risk of Death

If you or someone you love had asthma, was prescribed the medication Advair, and died, please contact our offices immediately for a free initial Advair lawsuit evaluation.

Use of the medication has been linked by the FDA possibly leading to death, especially in children.

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A March 03, 2012 FDA update and consumer warning has revealed possible increased risks associated with the risk of the popularly prescribed asthma medication. Parents and patients may not have been adequately warned of the risks posed to their life prior to taking the medication.

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Life-Threatening Advair Risks?

Advair is an asthma medication that combines cortico-steroids and beta-agonists to help control patients asthma symptoms. It has been the market leader among beta-agonists since 2007, with over $4 billion is sales each year. One would think that such a drug would be good news for asthma sufferers, however medical studies show that the drug is often dangerous and even fatal, especially for children.

Even worse are findings that the drug is often prescribed inappropriately and that the usage of this inhaled asthma medication is massively inflated. Advair is appropriate in those whose asthma cannot be controlled with steroids, however a Medco Health Solutions Asthma study from 2010 shows that two thirds of those taking Advair and similar drugs have only mild asthma and that many of the users had never tried a steroid alone.

Also in 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made changes to the labeling of long acting beta-agonists such as Advair to indicate that they should not be used in patients with well controlled asthma and that their use should be discontinued as soon as possible. The warnings added that these beta-agonists should only be used in conjunction with steroid therapy.

Advair Use Linked to Deaths

Several studies have linked the use of Advair to deaths. In 2008 an FDA researcher estimated that there have been 14,000 deaths between 1994 and 2007 that can be attributed to the use of long acting beta-agonists. In addition, the firm AdverseEvents Inc., a private firm that analyzes events reported to the FDA, estimates 1,900 deaths between 2004 and 2011. The firm also estimates that 3,500 hospitalizations occurred during the same period as a result of beta-agonist use.

AdverseEvents uses a custom software package to analyze reports of adverse side effects from drugs that are in the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System. This is a voluntary system that is known for capturing as little as 10% of adverse side effect events.

Advair is by far the top selling beta-agonist on the market, and was the drug listed most often in adverse side effects that led to hospitalization or death.

As your loved one may not have been adequately warned of the serious health risks associated with taking Advair, you may have a legal claim.

Advair Sales Unethical?

A recent investigative Advair report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today found that the growth of sales was largely due to new prescriptions being written by doctors who were receiving money from GlaxoSmithKline (the makers), as well as from other companies that market these types of asthma drugs.

Even the FDA may have ignored the concerns of some doctors who warned of the risks associated with the use of long term beta-agonists, especially when used in African Americans and children. These doctors recommended that Advair and similar medications not be prescribed to children, but their warnings went unheeded by the FDA.

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Instead, in 2010 the FDA approved large scale safety trials for the drugs. At the time, their own researchers claimed that these trials were unethical as they would put tens of thousands of people at risk. These trials are expected to involve some 46,800 people over the age of 12. An additional 6,200 children between the ages of 4 and 11 will also be part of the trials. Results are not expected until 2017.

Physicians Have Financial Ties to Advair

There is no question that doctors were receiving kickbacks from GlaxoSmithKline as compensation for promoting Advair. In July 2012, the company agreed to pay $3 billion as a settlement to civil and criminal charges from the U.S. Department of Justice alleging the company promoted several drugs, including Advair, unlawfully.

The allegations claim that the company pushed Advair as a recommended first line therapy for mild asthma patients, despite the fact that the drug was not approved for such use, nor was it medically appropriate for these cases.

The government allegations go on to state that GlaxoSmithKline paid doctors for prescribing Advair and other drugs with payments including entertainment and travel expenses, fees for serving on questionable advisory boards, consulting fees, payments for speaking engagements and reimbursement for continuing medical education.

If someone you love died while taking the asthma medication, it is vital that you act now to file a claim. Don't let your loss be ignored, ensure that your case is heard, let us fight for you.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you or a loved one took Advair or a similar long acting beta-agonist/cortico-steroid medication and suffered complications you may be entitled to compensation under the law. It is vital you act now, as the statute of limitations limits the time in which you have to file a lawsuit.

Our law firm has experienced lawyers standing-by and ready to help you. Join us in the fight to hold those accountable that may have been able to prevent your suffering. Act now and get your free no-obligation legal review.


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