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Family Medical Leave Act Claims

The Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA) mandates employers to provide a continuation of benefits for workers who need time to attend to serious family matters including:

  • Childbirth / Pregnancy
  • Foster child placement
  • Care for family member with serious health condition
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In the case that you were denied leave or benefits in any of the above cricumstances you could be due to compensation from your employers violation of your FMLA mandated rights. Contact our experienced FMLA lawyer now to find out if you have a claim.

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Your employer may have violated its FMLA responsibilities to you as an employee by denying your leave request, ending your benefits, or wrongfully terminating your employment in the case of a pregnancy. If you have been fired or were denied the time off you requested then you should talk to a qualified FMLA lawyer immediately as you may be entitled to compensation and damages.

The Family Medical Leave Act was amended on January 28, 2008, and was enacted in an effort to create a balance between one's work life and family life requirements. The FMLA also covers employees requiring time off from work due to serious illness or health reasons, mandating that health benefits must be maintained during the leave.

Unfortunately, there exist many situations in which an employer attempts to deny your mandated right to leave in the case of pregnancy or serious health conditions for an immediate family member or yourself. Employers often attempt to drop your benefits during your leave or fire you for requiring the time off, in violation of the FMLA regulated requirements.

Pregnant women who have been fired from there job should seek the assistance of a qualified Family Medical Leave Lawyer as soon as possible as you could be entitled to damages due to lost wages, as well as compensation for wrongful termination.

In addition, if you are facing a leave situation and your employer does not seem to be meeting his or her obligations, an experienced FMLA lawyer can help you force compliance of employer obligations, to help you get the time off you need and keep your job for when you are ready to return.

Eligibilty for FMLA leave is dependent upon an employee meeting the following criteria:

Employees may file a Family Medical Leave complaint directly with the Wage and Hours division of the Department of Labor or file a lawsuit with a Qualified Family Medical Leave Lawyer.

Contact our FMLA lawyer today for help correcting employer violations, enforcing compliance of your rights as an employee and because you might be entitled to compensation and damages.

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